Gordon Preston Prize

The Gordon Preston Prize is awarded annually for the most outstanding student talk at the Australian Algebra Conference. The winner of the prize receives $300 and a certificate. The prize is named in honour of renowned semigroup theorist Professor Gordon Preston (Monash University), who played an important role in the instigation of the annual conference known over the years as the Algebra Conference of Victoria, the Victorian Algebra Conference and the Australian Algebra Conference.

The Gordon Preston Prize was first awarded in 2006, with Professor Gordon Preston himself attending the conference and presenting the prize to the inaugural winner.

Rules of the Gordon Preston Prize

The rules for the prize and advice for speakers are given here and may be downloaded as a word file.

Winners of the Gordon Preston Prize

Neil Saunders 2006 and 2008

 Shona Yu 2007

 Kyle Pula 2009

Gordon Preston with Matthew Kotros and Tharatorn Supasiti 2010

Michael Brand 2011

Jon Xu 2012 

Murray Smith 2013 

Joshua Howie 2014

Christopher Taylor 2015

Jon Xu 2016

 Alex Casella and Becky Armstrong 2017

Simon Rigby, Lauren Thornton, Yoong Kuan Goh 2018

Jason Brown  2019

Alex Bishop 2020 

Edmund Heng 2021 

 Alfilgen Sebandal 2022

Alfilgen Sebandal 2022

Ðorđe Mitrović 2023

Matthias Fresacher 2023 (hon. Mention)